Supported Charities


When we created PhoneTab, it was clear from the beginning that we wanted to do more than sell devices. It’s not just a business for our team, it’s a lifestyle. Giving back to the community and making a difference is in our DNA. That’s why we’ve chosen to donate money from every device sold to charities who we believe make a huge difference in our society. We stand behind all three charities and are in awe of the excellent work that they do, much of which goes largely un-noticed. The contribution that we make on your behalf is divided equally between all three charities and helps them to help others in our community.


You get the device you’ve always wanted, you directly help the community, and 

you save cash by doing so – You feel great! 


  1. Central London Samaritans

“Three years ago I had hit rock bottom emotionally, financially and career wise – without the help of the Samaritans I dread to think where I would be now”


We know that life can sometimes be incredibly tough. That’s why Samaritans are there for everyone, whatever they are going through and whenever they are struggling to cope. 

Every year we Central London Samaritans answer over 100,000 calls for help and support 4,200 people face to face. In addition to our core service, we also reach out to vulnerable groups across London including the homeless, young people, LGBT+ and people bereaved by suicide and helped 164,000 people through awareness raising and talks. 

There are many reasons people contact us; relationship breakdown, debt, isolation, abuse, homelessness, violence, gender concerns, bullying and mental illness. Problems that anyone could face, at any time. At Samaritans, what we do is simple and powerful. We’re here to listen and support when it matters, around the clock, every single day of the year.


  1. The Blackfriars Settlement

“Blackfriars Settlement has breathed new life into me. It has harnessed talents I never knew I had and brought them to the fore.”




Since 1884, Blackfriars Settlement has been rooted in the community around Blackfriars Rd in SE1, getting to know our neighbours and Creating Opportunities through 4 services:

  1. Safe spaces to play and learn for children and young people with targeted interventions to prevent at-risk young people falling into crime;
  2. Support clubs, therapeutic activities and vocational training for people living with mental health issues to reduce isolation, gain confidence and improve employability; 
  3. Clubs and activities for older people to reduce loneliness and improve health;
  4. English and vocational training for people recently arrived in the UK to boost their employability and enable them to become an integrated part of the community. 

We also operate two community centres on Rushworth St and Waterloo Road, where a variety of different rooms can be booked for meetings small and large.


  1. The Kabbalah Centre

 “One of the greatest gifts of spirituality is the ability to help another with their problems even when we are going through our own”

Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom that provides practical tools for creating joy and lasting fulfilment. The Kabbalah Centre teaches Kabbalah as a universal wisdom that predates the Bible or religion and can be studied by anyone regardless of their faith or path.

Our teachers provide students with spiritual tools based on Kabbalistic principles that students can then apply as they see fit to improve their own lives and by doing so, make the world better. We are a UK Registered Charity and we help people by making the principles of Kabbalah understandable and relevant to everyday life.