Refurbishment Process


The PhoneTab refurbish partner has invested millions of pounds into building a high-tech clinical facility that makes sure up to 250 mobile devices per day are brought back to “like new” condition.
Every received device undergoes comprehensive computerised analysis, military grade software wipe and stringent human inspection before being categorised to be stripped for all usable parts or to be repaired.
Screens that are not 100% defect free are replaced, batteries with less than 80% capacity are replaced- All using 100% genuine manufacturer parts
While computer analysis checks every other internal component in the phone, eagle-eyed inspectors check for any cosmetic damage on the case, even the smallest scratch means that the casing is replaced. The human inspection element sets our refurbished devices apart from most others.
Finally, new software is loaded and the phone is thoroughly tested again. A report is generated and stored against the phone's IMEI number. The phone is packed in an original manufacturers box and includes new accessories and instruction leaflet. The product is shrink wrapped and posted to the new lucky owner.